#11: Future-proof your organization with us and get ahead of your competitors

Thijmen Meijer
14 September 2023

Unlock a sustainable future for your organization with Meijer&Co. Let us introduce our range of services that can help you and your organization stay ahead of competitors in the era of global change!

“We believe that ESG excellence is not merely a goal but a continuous journey”
Summer is slowly behind us. probably one of the hottest that we have seen so far, but also one of the coldest looking ahead. This might have been one of the first summers though where you couldn’t really escape the effects of climate change. Whether you were on a beach in Greece, or the mountains of Switzerland, or even in Chile, where they experienced 37 degrees (mind you, it is supposed to be winter there). “The era of global boiling has arrived” - said UN Secretary-General António Guterres earlier in July. The time to act is now. And not just as individuals. But also as responsible business leaders and executives. We, at Meijer&Co truly believe that we all need to make a substantial change in our business practices if “we want our children to see snow”. That is why even on our LinkedIn feed we share articles of interest on a regular schedule, to educate and guide our followers on how they and their business can make a lasting impact in the world around us. And now, in this article, we want to show you how we want to be there to partner with you and help you reach that next stage in your business venture. Whether you are already a proficient ESG expert organization, or one that is considering taking the first steps towards sustainability, our recruitment and talent solutions are here to support you in your next steps. And in an age where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are at the forefront of corporate decision-making, finding the right talent and strategies to navigate this complex landscape has never been more critical. At Meijer and Co, we're here to guide you through this journey, offering a suite of services tailored to help your organization.
Recruitment Services: unlock new talent pools and supercharge your sustainability goals

Our recruitment services are the cornerstone of Meijer and Co's commitment to a green future. We understand that attracting and retaining individuals who are not only passionate about sustainability but also possess the requisite skills is paramount. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to comprehend your specific hiring needs, ensuring we identify the best candidates to fill your job vacancies.

We recognize that “sustainability” and “green business practices” are not just buzzwords but essential to future-proofing your organization for many years to come. Thus, our recruitment efforts are geared towards helping you find individuals who not only embrace the principles of environmental responsibility, social equity, and governance but are also equipped to excel within this framework.
Executive Search: elevating the future leadership of your organization

For companies striving to lead the way in sustainability, having the right leaders at the helm is non-negotiable. Our executive search services are meticulously designed to unearth top-level executives and senior management positions capable of steering your business toward sustainable growth. Meijer and Co's expertise and dedication equip us with an understanding of your sector’s unique challenges and opportunities. Leveraging this knowledge, we collaborate closely with you to identify and attract the right leaders who can not only drive your business forward but also align it with ESG principles, frameworks, and the best green practices seamlessly.

Niche Sourcing: specialized skills for green excellence

In the multifaceted realm of sustainability and forward-looking green businesses, specialized skills are often the key to success. Our niche sourcing services are tailored to help you find candidates with expertise, knowledge, and experience specific to your sector. Whether you require experts in renewable energy, sustainable finance, green supply chain, or any other green sector, our extensive network and expertise are at your disposal. Our commitment to sourcing niche talent stems from our belief that every organization's journey toward reaching sustainability is unique. We work tirelessly to ensure that the specialists we find align perfectly with your organization's current and future goals.
Workforce Strategies: embedding diversity, inclusion, and sustainability to become a part of your organization’s DNA

Building a workforce that thrives within the rapidly evolving world of sustainability, green energy and all types of ESG frameworks is no small feat. Our workforce strategies services are dedicated to helping you create a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable workforce, a prerequisite for success in any industry. Collaborating closely with your organization, we assist in developing plans, policies, and practices that foster employee engagement, support career development, and cultivate a culture of innovation and sustainability. We strongly believe that your employees are your greatest asset, and we're here to help you unlock their full potential for many years to come.

Consultancy Services: expert guidance for ESG excellence

Navigating the intricate maze of green business practices, as well as governance can be challenging, even for seasoned organizations. This is where our consultancy services come into play. Our expert advisors are ready to offer guidance and advice to help your organization tackle complex problems or achieve specific goals within the ESG framework. Whether you require assistance with strategic planning, organizational development, sustainability reporting, or any other sustainability or ESG-related area, our consultants bring their expertise and experience to the table, ensuring your success in this transformative journey.
Green Strategies: reducing impact, promoting sustainability

We are committed to helping your organization reduce its environmental footprint. Whether that starts with small first steps, or you are ready to dive full in and make an all-around change within your organization, we are here to support you. Our green strategies services are tailor-made to identify opportunities to improve sustainability practices. Whether it's reducing your carbon footprint, adopting circular economy principles, or promoting sustainable sourcing practices, we work side by side with you to chart a course toward a greener, more sustainable future. Our aim is to help you not only meet your green and sustainability goals but also make a positive impact on the planet.
At Meijer and Co, we believe that ESG excellence is not merely a goal but a continuous journey. We are dedicated to helping your organization navigate this path, providing the expertise and support you need to make a lasting impact on the environment, society, and governance while achieving your business objectives. Because as we all literally can feel it on our skin - there is no more time to waste. All businesses must act. And we are here to help and support you!
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