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"Our goal is to match exceptional talent with exceptional clients in Europe, with the focus on sustainability and ESG."

Thijmen Meijer

Founder and Managing Director

Our recruitment services are designed to help you identify and attract talented individuals who are passionate about environmental, social, and governance issues and have the skills and experience needed to thrive in the ESG framework. We'll work with you to understand specific hiring needs and find the best candidates for job vacancies.

Our niche sourcing services are designed to help you find candidates with specialized skills, knowledge, or experience that are specific to the ESG framework. We'll use our expertise and network to identify the best talent for your organization, whether you're looking for experts in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, circular economy, or other green industries.

Our workforce strategies services are designed to help you build a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable workforce that can thrive in the rapidly changing ESG framework ( e.g. CSRD). We'll work with you to develop plans, policies, and practices that promote employee engagement, support career development, and foster a culture of innovation and sustainability.

Our consultancy services are designed to provide expert advice and guidance to help your organization solve complex problems or achieve specific goals in the ESG framework. Whether you need help with strategic planning, organizational development, sustainability reporting, or other areas, we'll bring our expertise and experience to help you succeed.

Our green strategies services are designed to help you reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainability in the ESG framework. We'll work with you to identify opportunities to improve your sustainability practices, whether it's through reducing your carbon footprint, adopting circular economy principles, or promoting sustainable sourcing practices.

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