Our vision and commitments

We really want to walk the walk! On this page you may find the details of our vision and our contributions to the environment around us

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We are led by our key values: Sustainable Impact, Client-Centric, Innovation, Integrity, and Accountability.

We want our grandchildren to see snow; therefore, we must “make the world greener through the power of people and organizations”. By transforming organizations to becoming net-zero where humanity and nature flourish while respecting, abiding and promoting the triple bottom-line approach of People-Planet-Profit.

Our purpose is to create intrinsic, sustainable ESG changes for our clients by reaching its potential. We do this by mobilizing our client’s internal talent through collaboration and searching for external talent to create tangible change.


Our commitment to a greener future, and a sustainable tomorrow

Environmental Responsibility:

We are dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint through sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and responsible resource consumption. We proactively seek opportunities to reduce carbon emissions, promote sustainable transportation, and support telecommuting and flexible work arrangements. We prioritise recycling, waste reduction, and the use of environmentally friendly materials in our operations.

Social Responsibility:

We foster a diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environment where every individual is respected, valued, and given equal opportunities to thrive. We actively engage in community development initiatives, partnering with organizations that address social challenges and contribute to the well-being of local communities. Furthermore, we encourage employee volunteerism and provide support for their active participation in sustainability-related initiatives.

Ethical Governance:

We maintain the highest standards of corporate governance, transparency, and ethics in all aspects of our operations. We promote open and honest communication with our employees, clients, candidates, and stakeholders, ensuring their trust and confidence in our business practices. We are committed to ensuring data privacy and security, and safeguarding the information of our employees, clients, and partners.

Continuous Improvement:

We continuously review and update our CSR policies to align with evolving sustainability practices and societal needs. We actively seek feedback from stakeholders and engage with industry associations, regulatory bodies, and other experts to stay informed about best practices. We strive for ongoing improvement in our sustainability performance, setting targets and monitoring our progress to create a positive and lasting impact.

We are proudly committed to planting one tree in Hungary by Life Terra after each candidate that is placed by us!


trees have already been planted.

At Meijer&Co, CSR is an integral part of our corporate DNA, guiding our decisions and actions as we work towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

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